Throughout our years of experience we’ve come into contact with some of the best photographers, illustrators and directors around, both here in the UK and overseas – having close to 5000 affiliated artists globally. If you’re looking for an artist, whether in the UK or further afield, our art buying service is here to help. We can find the best person for your brief, whether it’s an illustrator for a magazine editorial, a lifestyle shoot in the Caribbean or a documentary film and all points in between. Our fee is taken as a percentage from the artist’s fee, so there will be no extra cost to you.

We approached Twenty Twenty for them to find us a suitable photographer and produce a very complicated job for Qatar Airways. We were presented with a selection of highly suitable photographers and was able to pick the amazing Henrik Jauert for the project. Production in Qatar is notoriously complex but Twenty Twenty made the whole process a breeze.

Jo Borton – Creative Services Director – Above and Beyond
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