In the spring of 2019 Oli found himself travelling to Lagos, Nigeria. Here he met with professional surfers Dane Gudauskas & Dylan Graves as part of Van’s Weird Waves series.

Sitting on a right hand wedge Tarkwa Bay comprises of a strong youth population. These children and teenagers have little but the ocean and the connection between the two is unparalleled, from sharing the few surfboards left from visiting surfers to just treading water their happiness is something to admire.

This love for the ocean has lead to the hopes of certain teenagers representing Nigeria at surfing in future competitions and the ISA World Games. No Wahala documents this connection and the experiences he shared with the boys of Tarkwa Bay.

All profits of No Wahala will go to help the community of Tarkwa Bay as well as the nonprofit foundation Positive Vibe Warriors. To grab one of the last copies click here



Latest News


Oli Hillyer-Riley was recently commissioned to direct a series of short films and create a bank of stills imagery for Gymshark.  CHALK is Gymshark’s latest clothing range, specifically designed for bodybuilding with unique features to ensure peak performance. Huge thanks to the whole team who worked tirelessly while remaining covid-compliant. 


Oli Hillyer-Riley was recently commissioned by EE to shoot a series of stills and short films for Wembley.  From football to music, Wembley is one of the most iconic venues in the world. Oli shot in a studio and then backgrounds were comped together. 


Oli Hillyer-Riley was recently commissioned to shoot the new campaign for the running division of Interbrand.  One of the first shoots we produced after lockdown was lifted in the UK, the shoot took place in and around Brighton with a small crew and the client joining online from Switzerland and the agency in the Netherlands.  […]